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OpenCores OpenRISC Project

As information is growing on this topic, I have created a separate page

Jennic JN5139 wireless microcontroller

The Jennic JN5139 wireless microcontroller is a wireless microcontroller which integrates an 802.15.4-compliant 2.4GHz transceiver with a 32-bit RISC microcontroller plus additional peripherals, offering a high performance, low cost and low power solution for ZigBee networks, wireless sensor networks and similar applications. It will also be fully compliant with the upcoming 802.15.4b standard.

Other topics of interest


ACE is an acronym for the ADAPTIVE Communication Environment. It is a project developed at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Washington University in St. Louis and is an OO Network Programming Toolkit in written in C++.


The GNOME toolkit.

GTK+ is a multiplatform toolkit for programming windowing applications.


wxPython is the best windowing environment for Python applications. Based on wxWidgets


SID is a complex and interesting tool developed by Redhat which allows simulation of hardware on a software platform. The idea is to be able to simulate a target hardware platform early to enable software to be developed and tested before the target hardware is ready.
I have written some quick guidelines to get you started on a SuSE Linux platform.
I have also written a HOWTO on how to get eCos, SID and GDB running together simulating an ARM PID platform running on a SuSE Linux platform.


eCos, the The Embedded Configurable Operating System is a free RTOS originally developed by Cygnus and Redhat. It is mainly supported now by eCosCentric, a commercial organisation made up of the original members of the eCos team.

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